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Doniga Markegard has been featured in many videos, podcasts and articles. Below is a list of topics which range from Family to Wildernss.

This fall we’ll publish Dawn Again: Tracking the Wisdom of the Wild, We’re excited about this book (Starhawk is writing the foreword!!), a memoir that traces Doniga’s life from the time she was a teenager seeking direction and meaning, through her time at the Wilderness Awareness School in the Pacific Northwest, from her studies with Lakota elder Gilbert Tatanka Mani, to tracking mountain lions along California’s rugged coast, to falling in love with a rancher named Erik and starting a life and a family with him. Doniga’s understanding of the natural world, and the lessons it holds for all of us make this memoir a must-read for anyone longing for a deeper connection with nature.....

Step into the world of Doniga Markegard, who relies on her carefully honed listening skills to tune into nature’s subtle clues.....

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Podcasts with Doniga

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